Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Article # 204 Hand written Notes

             When was the last time you received an actual physical note or card from someone with actual handwriting? It’s almost a lost art in our digital age! Oh how sweet are the memories I have as a young girl, when I lived in California, to receive a welcome birthday card with a dollar bill in our mailbox sent from my Grandma Johnson in Utah. She always added a little note just for me and signed it Love, GJ. That human touch is being lost as the convenience of e-mails and e-cards dominate our busy daily lives.

            I still enjoy shopping for paper greeting cards that have just the right sentiment for a special occasion or a blank card that allows space to write my thoughts. Humorous cards many times fit the need to make contact and lift the spirits of the recipient.

            It’s fun to compose poems or write letters to someone you care about. I still have the love letters from my sweet husband plus the handwritten poem he composed to present me on our wedding day. That was a surprise to me, since he is an engineer. There was no title, but it rhymed and was accompanied by a gift of a small Native American wedding vase. It said, A gift to remember / This cherished day, / A symbol of our union / In a potter’s clay. / May it always remind you / Of our lives so new. / May it always bring thoughts / Of my love for you. It does, and I’ve kept that note for 19 years now.

            Having raised four tech savvy sons, it’s rare that I get a handwritten note. Usually it’s a brief e-mail or phone call (which I love.) I remember one Mother’s Day receiving this terse email greeting: You’re the mother! That brought a smile to my face, even if the communication was short. He remembered me. The other day, I found a greeting card from the past that I have saved for years because of the hand written message from this same son. Its message, which I’ll always cherish, is…Thank you so much…It was very thoughtful of you. Your unstinting generosity over the years shows a deep commitment to my welfare. Thank you.

            How about mailing a thank you note or a picture postcard while vacationing to someone dear to you (or a heart felt e-mail.) Do something today. NEXT TIME: Body Language 


  1. I'm glad my daughter and son still write thank you beautiful notes. There's something about seeing their handwriting that I love.

  2. I received a thank you note just last week from a guest at out luncheon. I love getting notes, and I also like to write and send them. I do think it's a dying art though.

  3. my kids have to wire thank you notes and put them in the mail.....they think it really is not a good idea...emails are faster and easier and free..

  4. I have my grandmother's, and they are my best treasure. She, in turn, saved all kinds of notes from her mother and other women of the family. A long line of note-takers, we are. I think digital notes, like digital images, are a danger to the official record. What happens when our current forms of data storage go extinct? Remember the 5" floppy?