Saturday, November 5, 2011

Problems with Communications

Emails have become the major way of communicating
between modern adults or texting especially with teens
But what is missing is the emotional component inherent
in face to face communication-the sender's body language
which is in turn influenced by the receiver's body language.

Many miscommunications can be traced to lack of emotions
with our words. I can say "I love you" (sweetly or contemptuously)
depending on my body language and tone of voice.
With just words, the interpretation is left up to the receiver
or you can use little emoticons to try to express more.

So you see communication on the internet is complex.
That's what caused some miscommunications with a writing group
I'm part of. Someone to remain unnamed emailed her complaints
quite forcefully to our past president and demanded changes.

It was a case of my way or the highway. If this person had tried
to communicate in person with emotions under control, the problems
could have been solved, but she didn't. Our past president resigned.
So we are making a new beginning with lessons learned the hard way.


  1. Oh lin..that happens so often and is so unfair. cuz the creepy woman won. Hope she's happy 8-{ But it's life.....and it's what drives me nuts.

    I just learned my iPhone has a separate keyboard for emoticons for texts...but sadly, only iPhone users can see them.

  2. It's true that without a face and a voice that words can be left up to interpretation and that could be the wrong one.. This has happened to me with online communication. I have to be careful...Michelle

  3. You have me smiling! Thank you so much. This is a hoot.

  4. I find emoticons do sometimes help to lighten a message I might want to send. We do have to be careful what we write because as Michelle says, it is sometimes open to misinterpretation.