Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy News

This post today will be published on 11/11/11 at 11:11 am. Happy VETERANS DAY! Next year is the last year we can do this on Dec 12, 12 at 12:12. Then it's off to our teen years 2013, etc. Interesting world, time passes too rapidly. Need to enjoy each moment!

Fall is definitely here with winter breathing down our necks...

Note the new critter that found his way into our dry creek bed.
(Click to enlarge the photo and meet the slow one below.)

My only pet-Isn't he cute, any suggestions for a name?
I know, how about "Pebbles?" He weighs about 25 pounds!


  1. You had me going for a minute. I thought he was real!

  2. I was thinking about those numbers today as well.

    Already the teen years of this new millennium. Where did it go?

  3. Darn! I should have done something mildly momentous at 11:11. Shucks! I let it slip by without a thought.

  4. I love the little turtle you put out.. I know you mentioned it in a comment at my blog...