Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time to Slow Down

Regroup, analyze, PLAN and restore me.
LOOK within, slowly analyze what it is
I want to FOCUS on, too much going on
in my life. I need to get back to BASICS.

Routines that BUILD and not wear me down:
Exercising, proper eating, filling my well-
spiritually, socially, and intellectually.
Remembering my focus or daily GOALS.

Becoming a better person and FRIEND
to others is high on my LIST including
especially my extended FAMILY who now
encompass a newborn to a trusted spouse.

It's easy to get OVERWHELMED by it all
unless you SLOW DOWN and PAUSE
What is most important NOW to do?
Self care then FAMILY followed by FRIENDS.


  1. Good post. Pause for thought.

  2. I need to do that, too. Thanks for settling me down tonight.

  3. Yes..I need to take a step back and recoup....thanks for being a friend Lin....

  4. Nice to have you stop by my blog...I always check your blog, its so full of information and great family history stories. My thoughts on espectations...once we remove expectations from our lives we begin to live happier and we start living again. Always expecting people to do things for you, praise you for what you do or for them to acknowledge your hard work or your doings in life automatically pulls the individual into a depressive sad way of living. They then seek for imatation love not unconditional love. When they stop expecting anything... they begin to flourish abd a rebirth begins to grow and expand in everything they do experiencing true love (Unconditonal love) which is Charity. Once they have this love they begin to give it away without expecting anything in return.