Monday, May 24, 2010

Still More Nature Poems

Robber Raccoons
by Lin Floyd

Ready for Halloween,
looking like a robber
with a mask on his eyes,
he couldn’t be cuter.
Stealing things at night,
he’s a tricky critter.

Raccoons love eating stuff
tasty or ripe on the ground
plus fresh eggs or baby chicks
or anything else around.
Sneaking about in the dark,
late at night, he's seldom found.


  1. Poetry is part of our family life. My mother has written over 700 poems. She is the 1988 Golden Poet of the Year, she is featured in the National Libray of Poetry and she is also in the Poets Hall of Fame. I write a lot and my brother is a journalist...we all love poetry, it is a beautiful art.

  2. This is so cute! And true...

  3. That is a great poem Lin and it's true..cute as they are....