Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Remembering the mothers of our family
from many years past. They are gone
but because of their sacrifice and labors
we their children have a legacy of love today

Family photo collage-First row l-r: my mom Evelyn and her sister aunt Ethel; Norman, Clarence, Esther and Evelyn in front; me; my dad Stanley; me again; cousin Marion; Marion again. Second row: Bill and Albert-cousins; cousin Jody; my grandma Alda Johnson and her sisters with baby Jody; Meade and my grandma Mildred Stevens; great grandma Clara Wilkins and baby Alice Stevens; Stevens children-great grandpa George, Marie and Horace; aunt Dora Lemmon; Third row: my 2nd ggpa Wm. Stevens' family, George and Mildred Stevens; and my 2nd ggpa Oscar Wilkins' family. Click links to read their histories.


  1. Lovely photo...this day is always strange for me..I have my wonderful daughter and my mother who is incapable of being a 'mother'... Have a wonderful Mothers Day Lin... Hugs..Michelle

  2. Very nice indeed. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!

  3. I love that you put this collage together for Mother's Day. What a wonderful idea.