Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthdays-Emilee and Heather

Two special grand daughters
came into our family
in a different way
guided by our Heavenly Father.
Born in Tennessee brought to Utah
by a loving birth mother
who choose the Hatch family
for them to be raised in
with Christian values and love.

Now adopted and sealed together,
we are an eternal family
always and forever joined
within sacred temple walls
by priesthood power.
Our love grows daily
as our extended family
develops and expands each day.

Special birthday cards made by a niece Dawn Mercedes.

Birthday girls celebrating at Brick Oven pizza with family.

That's their mom's parents from New York!

Stuffing ourselves with pasta and pizza!

The twins got sung to and a free ice cream sundae.


Linda Reeder said...

Love the family portrait! Happy Birthday to your grand daughters.

Brenda Leyland said...

What beautiful photos..... precious memories being made....

Rambling Woods said...

Happy Happy Birthday girls!!!!!

Kay said...

What a happy time for the twins. They are beautiful and you are all blessed.