Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on TRACK

We all have down times
because of illness, worries
or something else. Time
slows and nothing gets done.
Then it's time to get going
again-looking forward
and making some progress
on goals and projects.

I'm currently working
on completing my children's
book with an ISBN number
so I can sell it locally. Also
returning to some long
forgotten genealogy projects-
histories to write and publish
and temple work to submit.

Then there is my 70th
birthday looming ahead
in July to be combined
with a family reunion.
I like to keep busy,
as busy as a bee making honey.
Hey-that rhymes. How about you?
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  1. I like to have things to do, and ther option to not do them. Being busy is best when you get to choose your busyness.

  2. This is how I have been feeling for the past month or so, but I have slowly started back up that big hill towards feeling better, happier and more social! I enjoyed this little poem and am just amazed at how busy you are.

  3. Your one busy lady full of great projects that will bring lots of joy and rewards at the end...good job and Happy Birthday Lin.

  4. I do like to keep busy, but don't have all the energy I I do and and rest....

  5. You are a very young looking 70-to-be, Lin. You have more energy and creativity than someone half your age.