Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis the Season

Interesting how there are so many PARTIES
this time of year as we come together, CELEBRATE
exchange presents, and eat lots of fattening food
That lays the foundation for our DIETING
in the New Year, RESOLVING to have more
self control and exercise regularly...SOON

Tomorrow is coming and yesterday is gone
only the NOW MOMENT counts as we plan
carpe diem before it DISAPPEARS into night
ATTACK that list of things to do, check it
but remember to PRIORITIZE, make time for
those most important, FAMILY and FRIENDS

That's why I like sending homemade cards
gifts thoughtfully given and mailed out soon
enough for others to receive them in time
This year I'm giving the gift of my hubby's bio
collected over 16+ years of note taking and
interviewing, compiling and scanning photos

The GIFT of FAMILY, the real reason we are here
on this earth to strengthen those bonds begun
here but lasting beyond death to all ETERNITY
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
Don't forget whose birth we celebrate...


  1. The joy of belonging is the most important joy of all....i realize it everyday.What a beautiful concept it is ...the gift of the family !!

  2. I used to make or bake almost all my gifts..but... not anymore.. Family is the best gift of all anyway...

  3. As always Lin a wonderful message. And how true it is! I need to slow down and just enjoy the season, wished it would last forever!

  4. That's a really lovely gift to your friends and family!

  5. The time, effort, and thought that was put into your gifts is so valuable...priceless. You're the best! Wish that we were related!