Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Blog is Born

Waiting for the new grandbaby to be born
I was pleasantly surprised that my son Jeff
has started a blog for his new family to be.
Rachel the expectant mom will also contribute.
Lin the anxious grandmother to be (again)
is excited to meet the new little one-Lorien
when she decides to make her appearance.

Of course, her mom is tired of waiting
although baby Lorien isn't due until Dec 29th.
I remember when I was waiting for Jeff to come,
due on Christmas day he came on Dec 13th.
Early was fine with me, and now he'll become
a new dad near his own birthday making this
a special month for all of us as we celebrate
the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ next week.


Kay said...

My son-in-law complained that because his birthday was on December 16th, he kept getting combination gifts. Now his daughter's birthday is on the 22nd and that's even worse. He was hoping she would be born in the new year but she came early. It doesn't matter. We make her birthday happy no matter what.

Cheryl said...

I imagine you are so anxious for the new granddaughter to be born. A wonderful gift for you all. Merry Christmas!

Rambling Woods said...

He set up a lovely blog will be fun to follow...

SandyCarlson said...

I hope the baby is on time or early and that all goes well. So much love here. I feel good just stopping by. Thanks, Lin.

Janie B said...

It would be wonderful to have a Christmas baby. No better gift for sure. Grandchildren are so amazing and perfect. Best wishes.

kavita said...

Wonderful....i wish a safe and happy arrival of the new baby.
As i am expecting guests in a day or two ,i am taking a break till mid Jan.I will keep on checking if the baby is born...would sure be here to congratulate you.Would try to post the concluding part of the marriage series in a day or two.


jerusharen said...

I love the blogs! My family in Texas can stay updated and I am writing our family history at the same time. I remember all the waiting. Good luck with everything! It is an exciting time.

Linda Reeder said...

I love the title of their blog. what an exciting time for them.

Mare said...

Another grandbaby! What a blessing! Keep us posted.