Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mission Statement

After my post two days ago, I've been thinking about my mission/purpose in life (check out Steven's Covey's book First Things First) and have decided it' find my authentic voice and use it to help others find their own voice. That's a mouthful...but it came to me as I was considering my personal MISSION in life. The first part is finding my VOICE which is me, the real me not the me others think I am, but who I am deep within. Not the shy quiet little girl who was afraid to try anything new or the young bride full of idealism and dreams only to be disappointed by my first husband's infidelity or the struggling mother trying to raise four lively boys and survive BUT the UNIQUE me that is the final sum total of all those experiences. The SURVIVOR who is trying to THRIVE and share my WISDOM with others which includes my FAMILY-children and grandchildren, my FRIENDS, my STUDENTS and OTHERS through my writings. I want to be CREATIVE in ALL aspects of my life. (Photo below of me in Jr. High many years ago. I've heard that shyness is only a shield we use to avoid being hurt.)

Some words that may need clarifying AUTHENTIC-real, not pretend, original, eternal, potential, etc. VOICE-finding a way to express ME through words, writing, teaching, art, example, etc. HELP-assist, teach, show, model a behavior, love, listen, etc. UNIQUE-individual, different than everyone else, special, etc. CREATIVE-joyful, finding and developing talents, self expression, living in GRATITUDE. So you can see it's an important task or mission that I'm trying to focus my life's efforts around. Makes each day a fun challenge to not waste my TIME which is another challenge or advice from my PATRIARCHAL BLESSING...where much is given, much is required. Therefore do not let your time go to waste but use every opportunity to...

What goals do you actually strive to accomplish during your lifetime? Your Ta Dah moments! When I was young my goal was to live happily ever after many decades of struggling and lots of growing, I understand that's not what life is about. We are here to LEARN, develop ourselves and help others along the way through the good and bad times. WISDOM comes with a price. (Photo on right, me as a single parent with my four sons. My youngest is now 26-where have the years gone? They are all taller than me now.)


  1. All this reminds me of the song lyrics, Life's a dance you learn as you go"

  2. This is a great bit of advice. Thanks for the insight, Lin. I wonder how many of us have found that authentic voice through blogging and the supportive, encouraging comments of others.

  3. You have four very handsome sons, Lin.

    Authentic voice? I agree with Sandy on this one. I think we really let ourselves free with blogging.

    Goal in life: I guess I'm just going with the flow...
    If I see where I'm needed, I'll try to be there.

  4. Thanks to your blog, I can learn more native English and English grammar. I will read it earnestly.

  5. And, you do a wonderful job of fulfilling your purpose..."finding your authentic voice and use it to help others find their own voice"... you are always there with helpful advice, information, and guidance. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for that, Lin.

  6. Covey's book was quoted all the time by our last school superintendent therefore, my view of it is not good due to the the fact that he turned out to be a criminal, but if you have read it, then it must be OK...