Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Planner and Priorities

I always carry with me my small purse sized planner that I bought from the Franklin Covey company. Every time I've left it home for some reason, I've needed it. So it goes with me everywhere. I don't trust my memory to know if I have something planned for a certain date or not so I always write it down in pencil on my monthly calendar, and on my daily pages I write TO DO lists and TA DAH lists. My planner has a year's worth of small monthly calendars so I can plan ahead being careful not to over schedule myself.

Which brings me to the question of PRIORITIES-you have to CHOOSE and occasionally say NO to things that sound fun and interesting but don't fit in with how you want to spend your time. Everyone's list of what is important to them will vary BUT first on the list should be YOU-scheduling activities that will improve and sustain your HEALTH like exercising, good nutrition and sleep not to mention intellectual/spiritual nourishment and social interaction. Ever hear the scripture about not running faster than you have strength? It applies here but I hear you say...isn't that SELFISH? I think the word SELF VALUING works better. If you are running yourself ragged with too much to do in too little time, your well will run dry and you'll not have anything to give to anybody...unless you make yourself a PRIORITY.

Practice saying NO or let me check my planner and I'll get back to you OR I'd love to but I've just overscheduled myself and can't fit in one more thing. To pleadings of P-L-E-A-S-E, you need to be prepared with lots of P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E and SELF CONTROL. If you don't value your time who else is going to? I have a good excuse now with my new diabetes diagnosis to mention that I really do have to watch my schedule and not overdo. I'm actually trying to do less but MORE in the areas of my PRIORITIES which are God, self, family then service to others.

Priorities are determined by making a LIFE MISSION STATEMENT to focus yourself on what you hope to ACCOMPLISH in this life. My main priority is my Heavenly Father- studying about His gospel plan then implementing it in my life by taking care of my own well being which includes making time to talk or email my family, visiting their websites and planning activities where we can interact on weekends or holidays. We try to visit our children and grandchildren who live all over the US about once a year if possible. Part of family life is our relationship as husband and wife. Since we are retired and empty nesters, we see a lot of each other daily but we also try to have a WEEKLY DATE to eat out and attend something cultural. My life is really a cluster of activities with God in the center, rather than a list of #1, #2, etc. Tell us about your priorities.


  1. I carry a planner with me in my purse, too. The trick is remembering to transfer things I record when I'm out onto the larger desk calendar in my office when I get home!

  2. I carry around a very tiny purse calendar and that's it. You are very organized.

  3. Like Kay, I carry a very small purse calender. If it doesn't fit on an already scheduled page, then it's a "no".
    But I don't belong to organizations so I really have lots of time for myself and my family.

  4. Lin -- Thanks for being a mentor on this. I'm printing off your posting and keeping it close at hand for handy reference.

    I'm learning the trick of staying focussed and being able to say yes and no in the right places is to have a clear vision of what our purpose is.

    Whether it's our 'life's purpose' generally, or a smaller purpose of why I decided to take on this particular project -- knowing what I'm about helps me to stay on track.

    (Well.... sometimes..... I'm still working on

  5. So true, Lin! As one who is notorious for not knowing what day it is or where she will be when, I can say only thank you. For teaching me.

  6. I carry my little pocket PC..but I am not good about saying 'no" lately

  7. I agree, plan and, write it down.

  8. Saying No was a foreign concept for most of my life. Consequently, I ran myself ragged and lost my way in my own life journey.

    God's been good, His word clear and His provision sufficient. He's been merciful towards me and my obsessions, His on-target scripture supplied wisdom and direction and He blessed me with wonderful and inspiring friends who held my hand and walked with me as I made my way to a "Self Valuing" life in which the word "No" is as much a positive as it is a negative.

    As a writer, a notebook follows me like a shadow and keeps my life, my responsibilities and my writing secure and organized between its covers.

  9. Before commenting i just bookmarked this page.I always wonder that how you manage your time so skillfully.I used to be very organized but after my son i am having trouble keeping up with a lot of things...others think that i am doing great but in my heart i know where i am lacking.

    SELF VALUING is a great tip..i think i need to focus on this line,i am a religious person too..prayers and meditation do help me in many ways.

    I will read this again and again to understand it better.Thanks for suggesting me this link.