Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ever feel like this?

Remember my bouquet of yellow roses? Here's what they look like a week later. It reminds of the importance of filling our inner well and enjoying the different stages of our life which was soon gone and over but for the memories.

I'm reading this interesting self improvement book First Things First by Steven R. Covey who was my LDS bishop or religious leader in college. It's helping me FOCUS on my priorities NOW in my life and not just my TO DO LISTS on my schedule or planner. He recommends that we have a weekly planning session with ourselves where we analyze if our priorities are first in our life and not just left to fit in our days somewhere around the more "urgent" to do matters. Priorities like filling our INNER WELL with meditation, prayer, scriptures and other SELF CARE so we have something to give to others. Setting a time early in our day ensures they don't get left to later when we think we have time but which may not come.

So what are your PRIORITIES-self care, family/spouse relationships, service to others, development of talents, etc? There are many CHOICES vying for our attention. Getting up a little earlier in the morning especially as spring and summer comes with more SUNSHINE is as option. LISTENING for inspiration and then following those quiet promptings can help us down our path to greater fulfillment and usefulness while in this LIFE. Writing or journaling your feelings is so important to FREE yourself of all the stressful thoughts that can dominate your day. Tell us how you cope with everyday life? Blogging?


  1. My priority is going to become my health and physical condition. I have been having issues with knee and foot pain, and had xrays this week. Besides lots of arthritus in my knee and spine, I have "spondylolisthesis" in my back. Now that's new one. It means my spine is out of alignment, one vertebra slipping over a lower one, which can squeeze nerves. I start physical therapy next week. At the same time I will try harder with the weight loss.

  2. To me, the roses are even prettier, or at least as pretty, as when they were fresh!

  3. The flowers were a wonderful way to make your point. Priorities..I am trying to balance what my doctors tell me I should be doing with the things that I really want to get done in a day and my family obligations. I need to go back to meditating as that was a really good stress reliever for me....

  4. I admire Deborah's ability to see the beauty in the fading roses... but,I thought they were WAY prettier in the last post on them.

    This was a classic AHA moment. I love your insight, and the pathway of thought that your dying flowers led you along. Beautifully stated.

    My goal is to have those wonderful moments of complete peace last a little longer everytime they come to me.

    Weight loss is a good thing to think about and work on... but, it's the inner growth, rather than the external shrinkage, that seems to occupy my mind most of the time.

    I know you want to tell me how they relate to one another. I can almost hear you. And I agree completely. But... I do love quiet and meditation and reflection. Meal preparation simply isn't something I spend very much time on.

    Anyway... another great post, my friend.