Sunday, April 20, 2008

This Is...

Is this my last day
No? I have another
New day, this day
This is my life
My time on earth
To find me
To be happy
To reach out
Connect with others
Learn from them

Another blank page
To fill with thoughts
My thoughts, my life
Never to be repeated
Exactly the same
Quickly over if
Not relished or appreciated
This is my life

1 comment:

  1. I always wonder why people try and figure out what they'd do "if the Savior was right here with us"...
    "could see us"?
    He is, and He does. The real question is, "Is He at peace and happy in my company?"

    Or "What would you do if you thought this was your last day on earth?" Who can really answer that with absolute certainty? The quick answer just may not be the final answer.

    So... I would suggest that the best bet is to live as you stated in your poem. Maybe not like it's your last day... but, to treat if for what it is one MORE day, unlike any other either before... or after. Fill it with activities and moments that enrich, sustain, fulfill, enlarge. Save a little time in solitude to commune with your inner voice and your maker...
    Wring every second of pleasure and joy from it. Appreciate it.

    You know... a thought just occured to me. There are people whos' days are very much the same. They wake, eat the same breakfast, go to the same job, work too many hours in silence, come home... eat a small meal, and go to bed exhausted from the monotony of living. Prisoners aren't the only ones who live in confinement. I know that each soul has the capacity to reach beyond their circumstances with their thoughts... but, sometimes emotional and physical weariness or lack of stimulation can kill dreams and imagination... It makes me sad to think about this.

    We're very lucky, you and I. We do have a freshness that greets us with each new sunrise. We can say to ourselves, "Well... what shall I do with my time and energies today?" And then form the day that we choose.

    A good reminder, Lin. Thanks.