Monday, April 7, 2008


For some reason this quote struck me this morning as I was studying my "Writing the Natural Way" book by Gabriele Rico...p.121

Peace is not something you wish for, it's something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away. (Robert Fulghum)

Tell me about peace in your life.


  1. Perhaps that's why we say that we need to "make peace" with our family members, our neighbors, our situation, our impending death.

    Most of us had one child who was the "peacemaker" of the family. I imagine that, then, is something that "you are" as well as something that "you make".

    Something that "you give away". hhmmmm... Well, God gives us peace, doesn't He? So, I guess Robert's right. It can be given away.

    "Something you do". I can tell you that Wayne's voice breeds peace. He has such a gentle voice. He rarely speaks in anger, so I don't associate his voice with
    anything other than laughter and... yes... peace.

    I'm noticing more and more as I grow older that peace is something I feel internally more than an external influence. It's sort of up to me how much peace I feel and how long it stays.

    My home at the Hollow certainly is a place that offers serenity, so it's easy to savor peace for long periods of time here. But, I can still decide whether or not to allow the frustration of my work to come home. I can (and on occasion have )let myself become hard inside and not let the peace to be enjoyed here seep into my soul.

    So... When I think about it for a minute, I see Mr. Fulghum is right on all counts.

    And although, I don't think it's something we "wish" for. I do think it's something we seek. It's just easier to find if we follow his counsel and "make" it.
    "Do" those things which allow us to recognize it and let in settle in and around us. We need to let it naturally become a part of our way of living so that it lives within us and we "are" peace..or at peace, and a representative of peace to those who associate with us. Then, we can share it and "give it away".

    I'm not too happy with the way my body aches and stabs me with little sparks of pain all too often. What's happening to my body is not a favorite part of the aging process... but, I really do love the emotional satisfactions, the quiet in my heart, the comfort with who I've become, that seems to be associated with growing older. There are fewer and fewer things that are important to me each passing year. I don't become offended, I don't have the compulsion to collect stuff that clutters my home and my thoughts.
    It's a peaceful stage of life that I've recently entered. The sea is calm at last...and I enjoy many more peaceful days than I remember in my younger days. I call them my "Tasha Tudor" moments. Long story.

  2. I was a hospice worker/volunteer for about 10 years. You are right...that was peace...and it came from giving it to others.

  3. Peace is a state of being. It lives in our hearts. When we are brave enough to open our hearts we breath, live, give peace. When we are stuck in our heads we can't find peace, because there is too much is like saying " oh god is in my heart" actually if you are peaceful you are in gods heart. it is all about love.. boy do I sound like a flower child ??? :)