Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Gratitude needed

in our world. It's so seldom we take the time to appreciate what others do for us and use our ability with words to build up or reaffirm someone else's contributions to our lives. I just received a beautiful thank you letter from a new member that joined our writer's WORDshop, It was so unexpected and came with some lovely cinnamon rolls that I have been craving after being sick so long and drooling over Dawn's rolls she posted on her blog not once but twice. Here's the letter I received:

Dear Lin,
A hurried thank you as we left the Writers Wordshop at your home wasn't enough to tell you what meeting you has meant to me during these past two months. You have thrown me a lifeline and shown me how to live that life more fully. You have shown me that I can write something of value. And I am grateful beyond the telling. Please enjoy these sweet rolls...along with my fondest wishes for you that your life will produce all the great things of which you are capable...and we will see your work in print 'ere long. 
Fondly a friend, Marilyn C

How sweet of Marilyn who is very busy caring for her husband who has health problems to thank me as her teacher/faciliator. I hope she'll continue her self discovery through writing that we all need for our own health and growth. Let's continue to support each other in living our lives to the fullest in what ever media or way that requires...I appreciate my writing group and all we are learning together and the friendships that have developed. We will publish a book at the end of this year of our works called "Voices from the Desert."

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  1. It gives me such pleasure to know that you're being recognized and appreciated for the special gift you have of helping others to nurture the desire to develop their gifts.

    You are really a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

    Getting a thank you such as this one is a tribute indeed... BUT, getting homemade cinnamon rolls on top of it, is definitely worth singing about.

    Marilyn seems to be a good friend in the making. Maybe someday, if I'm ever down there on the right day..., I can sit in on your "writer's group". I'd like that!... a LOT!!

    Writing is my stress reliever... my sounding board... my best source of insight... it's exercise for my soul and helps to strengthen my connection with eternity. It's the road that leads me steadily to the God who instilled this thirst I have for truth, and the boundless love I feel for all of His creations, in me.

    I too, need to thank you Lin... for your constant encouragement to continue to explore the recesses of my mind and heart with written word.