Monday, April 14, 2008


Today in our Writer's WORDshop, we were trying to understand and write with "juxtaposition." I've heard the term in the past but am not really clear on what it means. Wikipedia says..."it is to place side by side, especially for contrast/comparison the two, to show similarities or differences". Then it gives this example... "In juxtaposing the athletes of our grandparent's day with modern day athletes, it is similar to comparing a volkwagon beetle and a hummer." So our assignment for next time is to write something using juxtaposition. So here's my try:

Sick or Healthy?

There is weakness in sickness
Strength in health
Although it is possible
To be weak while healthy
And strong when sick

The difference is in our attitude
Or acceptance of what is
We can fight and resist
Or we can relax and endure

Guess what I'm almost not sick anymore but very very tired. Here's a photo of me that will go with my new column LOOKING BACK...various topics-humorous reflections of growing up in Utah and California. Coming in the Sr. Sampler starting next Friday.

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  1. Hey... I like the pic... your hair looks really soft and pretty in it.

    I'm thinking I'm the type to "fight and resist" but it's probably a lot wiser to "relax and endure"... you know, let the old (and getting older twice as fast as I think it should)body rest itself back to health. Glad to hear you are at long last feeling better.

    Okay... I'm trying to think of something to write using juxtiposition. If I come up with anything, you'll either read it on my blog or in an e-mail. BUT... YOU, my friend, can soon be read in the Senior Sampler. Woo Hoo!!
    I used to pick that publication up every time we went to the bank or the doctor's office. I quite like it. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!