Monday, April 21, 2008


Here's some free verses I wrote for my Writer's WORDshop:

Rattle snakes and garter snakes
Look different but to me
They are both scary,
Wiggly slimy creatures
To avoid at all costs
Though I was a tomboy
And loved polliwogs and frogs

Snakes were not on my list
Of pets to acquire
Put in a cage and feed
Avoid them at all costs
Was my philosophy
Better safe than sorry

I saw enough rattlers
Growing up in rural utah
To know what they could do
And the mere mention of snakes
Made the hair on my neck rise
I can’t imagine being a pioneer
And having snakes live in my house

Or sleep in my bed, but they did
Many early settlers lived in dugouts
Which were no better than snake pits
Made of mud and weeds carved in a hillside
I can imagine snakes were frequent visitors
Though unwelcome, it was their home too


We all have snakes in our lives
That creep in unnoticed
Quietly, calmly getting closer
Gaining our trust until it is
Too late to avoid
The attack…suddenly
Unexpectedly we are bitten

Pain shoots through our soul
Throbbing intensely
Blindsided, we should have
Seen it coming but didn’t
Trusting too much
Our naivety betrayed us

Do we want to live
Worried, anxious
Afraid of being hurt
No, the snakes are few
And far between and
It's not worth becoming
A victim of our own fears


  1. If only we had the sense to be as afraid of our fears as we are of slimy reptiles. They apepar far more frequently...and it's much harder to suck the venom that fear injects into our attitudes and aspirations than the venom a rattler would leave in our thigh.

    Good thoughts, Lin... as usual.
    You are a classic example of still waters running deep.

  2. I took my Brownies on a nature walk yesterday and we saw a garter snake slithering in some of last year's leaves. Too bad I didn't have these poems on hand! haha.