Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fighting Pneumonia

Well, time for a progress report...the germs I picked up from my grandson Nathan at Eastertime are working their way around. That's the way germs are...I finally went to the doctor after trying to get better with prayer, sheer will, rest and good food. He had an x-ray taken of my lungs, and found out that I have pneumonia in my left lung, so he started me on antibiotics. I don't take them very often but I know from prior experience that some illnesses that seem like colds can't be overcome without stronger medicines. I found that out years ago with a lingering sore throat that ended up being a strep throat.

So I am improving and feeling better each day. Thankful for Allen, who also got my cold but overcame it faster than I have, for his loving care, occasional cooking and picking up take out food. Sorry that my friends from Sweden also caught the same germs. Gittan is better but her husband Bo now has pneumonia and is following the same treatment I'm on. We certainly take our good health for granted. How many of us jump out of bed in the morning and exclaim joyfully "I'm not sick!" Probably more of us should do that....daily. I plan too, soon.

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  1. Good reminder! I don't think I had more than three colds from birth to age 55... may have had the flu once. Other than measles, I've never had a childhood disease.
    And... this is kinda cool... I've probably only thrown up five or six times in my entire life. Keep in mind, I've had four pregnancies.

    The last ten years have been a different matter. I've had a dozen colds, and pink eye twice. Almost all contracted while staying with my grandkids. I will say that they haven't lasted long, but I don't handle being sick very well. It's so confining, tiring and boring.

    You've been very patient throughout this illness. I have to hand it to you! Of course, you've taken advantage of the time to write, write, write... AND get published. How cool is that?
    I do think I'll take your words of wisdom to heart and be more openly grateful for the good health I enjoy. Even with the aches and pains of aging bones and joints... I have it pretty good.