Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Commenter Award

And the winner is my dear friend Caryn who lives about 3 hours away from me but who visits and comments on my blog almost every day (19 out of the last 20 blogs this month.) Caryn's comments are so cool-she wins a copy of the book Writing the Natural Way by Gabriele Rico. I will send it to you today. Way to go Caryn!

For those of you who read my blog but don't comment, would love to have your comments-just register, click where it says "sign in" to register with Google or if you are already registered with them-just sign in. That's what make blogging fun is the comments. Check out the new blogger Leah on my blogging buddies. Congrats Leah-she was in my blogging class I taught locally.


  1. Well... Gaaahhleeee...
    Thanks Lin. It's a pleasure to read and comment on your blog. Just one more way of keeping in touch and learning to know all the reasons there are to love you!

  2. what a fun award! Way to go Caryn!

  3. Wow! She won a book! Way to go mom! If only we could all be blessed with the gits of words.