Thursday, April 3, 2008

An angel visitor

Talked with my friend Mary today on the phone and after finding out that I've been sick for over a week. She told me she was bringing over some homemade chicken soup,

How nice is that? Especially when you don't feel like cooking, Here's a photo of my welcome visitor and dear friend. Thanks Mary, you're an angel!


  1. Glad your supper was super and hope you'll soon be singin and dancin again.
    Love, Merrilee, Merrilee, Merrilee, Merrilee. . . life is but a dream.
    So we row!

  2. Hot, homemade, chicken soup and a visit from an old friend.... ahhhh, it almost sounds worth getting sick for.

    But, I thihk this bug has stayed waaaaay to long. Are you and Allen going to start passing it back and forth to each other now?

    Hope not. It's flip,flop weather. Being out in the yard, going for bike rides weather. Picnic and photo opportunity drives through the park weather.

    Here's hoping the soup helped chase the crummies away.

  3. Good and thoughtful friends.....aren't they wonderful!

  4. Oooh! We LOVE friends that announce they are bringing homemade food when we are sick! Thanks a ton!