Monday, March 31, 2008


My physical energies are gone
As I battle my grandson’s head cold
Easily given to me as we interacted
During our last visit at Eastertime
How much for granted we take
Our physical health till it’s gone
If only briefly, leaving us depleted,
Drained, down and definitely out

Unfortunately, my head cold
Came at exactly the wrong time
When our long awaited guests
From Sweden were visiting us
It was difficult to be a cheery hostess
When you can’t breathe through your nose
And your head is aching and your hands
Full of tissues to stop the dripping nose

But I did my part and I passed on
The nasty cold virus to those about me
So now they can be sympathetic
As they battle the same symptoms I had
I am getting to feel better each day
Too bad germs have to be so friendly
And can’t be scheduled for more convenient
Times to pay an unexpected visit..achoo!


  1. God bless you!

    I don't get colds very often... but, when I do, I'm not what could be called a particulary good companion. I can't seem to find the "ON" switch to my cerebral regions. My tug dudn't wurg. Dobody cad udersstad whad I'b tryig to say. Id's awful. My eyes itch, I can't hear, I feel like it'd take four strong men and a hoist to get me off the couch. My derrier feels like someone dumped the back end of a half ton truck filled with lead into the back end of my body. The only good thing is that my appetite almost disappears. Although I never seem to lose any of that dumped lead from my backside. How unfair is that?

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is, I sympathize with you. Been there... didn't like it. Don't think I want to book another flight there.

    I'm happy you're on the mend, but it's too bad that Allen seems to have picked up the bug.

    Take care of both of you.

  2. I hear you! My youngest has been sick and battling germs all winter. So I keep getting sick after being around his 103+ temps!

    Thanks for the card compliments!