Monday, February 4, 2008

Winning or losing?

After watching the super bowl (and its dumb commercials) last night, I’m thinking about how maddening sports are when it can come down to the last minute with a touchdown or kick that can determine who wins even after both teams have given it their all for the entire game. If they are tied then it goes into overtime because we MUST have a winner and a loser.

I like LIFE better where everyone can be a winner and mistakes can be repented of and the only penalty is our lost time in the detours/time outs our mistakes take us on. We don’t compete with others (although we all seem to naturally compare ourselves with others and their progress, achievements, etc.). We only compete with who we can become- our best self.

As Pres. Hinckley so wisely said…”give it your best” and “things will work out”. That’s the kind of superbowl philosophy I can handle. Each individual has their own talents, abilities, trials and obstacles in life to overcome and we are here to help each other become better- not to stop or tackle each other and try to prevent someone from achieving what they can. I love the idea, we can all be champions as we help each other become a winner. We only lose if we give up trying. On to the victory for everyone!!!


  1. Okay... this is one of the most thought provoking articles I've read in a while. Your philosophy would most likely put an end to football...that's an enticing idea on it's own...
    And, it certainly would stop so much of the contention, stress and turmoil that this old world is experiencing. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady! I'm ready to play the game of life with your set of ground rules. Hut!!!

  2. We don't watch sports on Sunday and it was with such joy to awake on Monday and discover that the Cheatin' coach Bellichick and his pathetic Patriots LOST!

    Let's talk about cheating coaches! Let's burn 'em at the stake!