Friday, February 1, 2008

Where is the time going?

Another new month, doesn’t it just amaze it how fast life is passing by whether or not you are accomplishing all you would like to. The important thing is to “enjoy the journey” as it is soon over and all you can take with you are the memories and what you learned from this experience called “life”. Rock art is a way for the Native Americans to leave wisdom and notes for future generations. Maybe we are trying to do that with electronic notes in the form of blogging on the Internet and writing in our journals?

We are back to our Rock Art class and the teachers passed out a handout on Native American beliefs. The Hopis believe in nine sacred hoops: four levels of existence before we are born, then life on earth followed by death and a spiritual world near or on earth or a beyond earth then a rebirth or resurrection and three levels of spiritual worlds, the highest the realm of the Gods or perfection. This is so similar in many ways to my Mormon religious beliefs of a pre-existent spirit world then birth, earth life then death, followed by a spirit world of two parts then judgment and three degrees of glory-telestial (glory of the stars), terrestial (glory of the moon) and celestial (glory of the sun). There are so many variations of that plan to be found in the religious and philosophies of the world. It's amazing how similar they are to each other yet different. Each culture has their own traditions and explanations.

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mom/caryn said...

I posted a comment on this most recent addition to your blog. It said that it posted... but, I didn't see it there. I looked several times, got discourage and decided to write much of what I said on my blog. I just checked yours again... still not there. The most important thing I want you to know is that I am so impressed with your inquisitive mind. You put such effort and energy into new experiences that have made you wiser and more diverse. You continually stretch and grow and share what you learn at every opportiunity. NO. Better than that. You make opportunities to share. You're my hero.