Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

Who is really winning?
Who cares, except the candidates
And their supporters
The rest of us independents
Just watch and go “ho hum”
And wonder about all the time,
Money and energy being expended
And how it could be used
For something better, like
Reducing our national debt or
Helping the many homeless

But politicians will continue
To beret each other and make promises
That none of them can keep
To make American more prosperous,
To get us out of Iraq with dignity,
Healthcare for everyone, and
Controlled legal immigration

If only problems were as easily fixed
As they claim, they wouldn’t be with us
Now and forever, all we can do
Is press forward to the future
With hope and enthusiasm for
Possibilities or at least CHANGE
In our current presidential leadership
That’s the American way!!


  1. let's change that word from beret to berate. ho ho

  2. Hey Mom!

    Just checking your blog from school here. I was following the politics going on lately and found out today that Romney has quit the race after the events of Super Tuesday, so that is disappointing. I guess we'll see who we get to pick for President from here on out then.