Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something to remember

Wrapped around a chocolate I ate last night..."Learn something from everyone you meet." That really is possible and I have a dear friend Caryn who does just that. She is so interested in everyone and starts conversations with complete strangers while waiting in a checkout line or elsewhere, and leaves friends with someone new. I'm not sure how she does it except she reaches out and starts a conversation with anyone nearby.

Sometimes she compliments them on: their smile, the color of their sweater or whatever or asks them a question. I love going somewhere with her and observing this happen but most of all I love having her as one of my closest friends. Her unconditional love and listening are far above normal. And the questions she asks you are sincere and deep. Thanks for your friendship and example Caryn. Check out her comments on my blog for some deep thoughts or check out her blog Hollow Thoughts. Her family and all her many friends are blessed to have her love and example.


mom/caryn said...

Wow! Thank you Lin. I may have to ask you to speak at my funeral.
Know that you are a priceless addition to my life. Thanks for the kind words... and for taking the time to find and fan the flame of goodness you saw in my heart.

I think the name of my blog is unclepetie.blogspot, isn't it?

Lin said...

Well since you asked the name of your great blog is "Hollow Thoughts", your URL address on the Internet is Never asked you where you got that address from. Keep up the good work and blog some more with or without photos or paragraphs....