Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sleep Escapes Me

Awake again and it’s only early morning
Cool in the house but it's quiet as a mouse
Only me and my macintosh laptop
All alone and feeling blue
No just typing out my thoughts
To share with someone,
Anyone out in cyperspace

I’m loving having a blog, a reason to communicate
My thoughts, poems or should I rather say free verses
As they don’t ever rythme but do give me a venue
To express feelings deep inside

I wish I could access my humor or rather find it
But all that seems to come out when writing
This way is loneliness and emptiness, fears
But it's good inexpensive therapy

Maybe this too will pass as I basically feel happy
At this stage in my life, past my unrealistic expectations
Living with more gratitude for each day's events
Finding fulfillment in helping and encouraging others
To be all they can be, to overcome their self doubts

I love to teach anything-genealogy, writing, the gospel
Describing relationships is fascinating to me
Trying to improve my relationships a never ending task
I have read so many self help relationship books
It’s sickening and tried to use their ideas in my life
You’d think I would have discovered the secrets
Of the universe by now, but I haven’t

I find life fascinating, why we are here,
How we respond to life’s challenges
Why we have trials and experiences
How to make each one a learning time
And not a lost opportunity
Keeps you on your toes,
Good thing I used to be a toe dancer,
And awake, which is what I am now!


  1. AWAKE!!! Is lack of sleep a curse or a blessing? I wonder about that a lot! I seem to deal better without sleep than I do without quiet time to snuggle into my thoughts. No t.v in the background... no phones ringing... no dog begging to be let outside... no tug at my conscience to make dinner for Wayne or sit with him a while. Just me and the millions of miles and minutes between here and eternity for my mind to explore.

    What is it that I promised to do with my years in mortality when I left our Father's home? What? Is it too late to figure it out? Will I find I haven't prepared myself for His purpose for placing me here, What will I have to report when I return to Him? Those are my fears. Sometimes I feel such a longing but I can't quite figure out whatit is that I long for. It isn't death. It's to really experience the life I was meant to live. But what is it? I'm 66 years old and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

  2. i enjoy wondering why things happen and what i'm going to learn...IF i try to learn anything other than how to survive.