Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rock Art Trip

We went on a fascinating rock art field trip today with the Dixie Archeology Club which we recently joined. The day was perfect, sunny and cool when we started and 55 degrees F when we finished. Our trip took us to the canyon near Gunlock Reservoir where the Santa Clara River flows and floods at times. Today the river was just a small stream that we were able to cross easily with our jeep.

With a little bit of strenuous uphill climbing we were able to discover lots of rock art carefully inscribed by ancient Indians of this area.

What exactly the rock art says is not clear but they were clues of their life style. What was important to them and how they saw the universe. There is so much to learn about their cultures and life styles. They lived out doors and so the night skies and the forces of nature were a fascination to them.


Dawn Mercedes said...

oooh...sounds like a cool trip!

gremhog said...

how fascinating. i looked at those pix and wondered what their lives were like. i am sure they felt the same things we felt, perhaps more basic. and weren't they more tired than we would ever be with our lives of total conveniences. and what about them when they 'discovered' something that made their lives much joy the probably had.

mom/caryn said...

Early journals left behind for following generations.
What do you think will become of our "blogs" in a century or two? It's sort of sad that our histories may not be as permantly recorded... especially since they would be so much more easily understood. I hope the super minds of our time find a way to keep some of our written word in tact.
This looked and sounded like a really fun day. Something Wayne especially would have enjoyed! You guys are awesome the way you live out your retirement. The old rocking chair just ain't gonna gethca!!