Monday, February 18, 2008


Monday a new beginning to a new week
Each hour could have that same special feeling
Part of a whole day, but when taken apart into minutes
There are more opportunites that can be imagined

Serendipity, where will life take us if we let it
Planning it doesn’t always seem to take us
Where we want to go and eliminates the surprise
Of discovery, creative powers can become deadened

Till we just sit around and wonder what have
We done with the minutes of our life up to now
Floated through each day and its situations
As gracefully as possible or with as little injury

Or discomfort that our actions could demand
Life is not a formula or is it, some think
It’s a mistake or an accident, a few fish
Crawled onto land and then evolved into man

Others feel there is a divine plan of progression
Organized with daily experiences or lessons
To teach and test us as we interact with others
What do you believe, life goes on with or without purpose


  1. I'm so sad... I left a loooong comment on this post. And it's evidently lost in cyberspace. RATS!!! I left comments on two other posts that published. Now, the question is, should I just move on or try to remember some of what I said? hmmm... It's past 4:00 A.M. and Wayne just called upstairs asking what I was doing and if I was going to stay up all night. He didn't sound real happy. Maybe I'll heat up some milk, try to sleep, get back to this again another time.

  2. I can't say that I remember taking an active part in planning much of my life... I just sort of let it happen to me. In my case, that hasn't turned out particularly well. It''s led to no small amount of disappointment in what I have (or haven't) accomplished in the 65+ years that I've walked this earth. Now, let it be known and understood that I love spontaniety and am a firm believer in serendipity. I think it's what colors our lives. That being said, I think it's important, basic really, to have a purpose that you can cling to. I think, for me, things may have turned out more in line with promises I made to myself and other Heavenly beings before my entrance into mortality had I felt that I had a purpose, and known what it was, in my formative and earlier years. I also believe that had I understood that I was placed here for more than floating through my days, waiting to see what might happen next, those moments when I sit and "wonder, what have I done with the minutes of my life up to now" would be more pleasant for me. Yes, life will go on with or without purpose. But, if it's to have meaning for me... I need to know that I've found the gifts that I brought with me at birth, that I honed them, shared them, almost worn them out using them to "enhance the presence of God in my life and in the lives of others".

    Life is not a formula... as least mine certainly has in no way been formulaic. It's been a junkyard and a struggle much of the time. It's been delicious some of the time. It's been utterly confusing way too often. I do believe that "Man is made that he might have joy"... For me, joy comes from knowing that the life I'm living is in sync with the life I want to tell my Heavenly Father about when I'm called home. It comes from knowing that I will leave a legacy of testimony, laughter, and kindness for my children and others who I have cared for in my mortal years. That takes some planning, some work, some creativity. So, that's a little of what I believe.

    One more odd thing. You have used the word "divine" completely appropriately in describing the plan of progression... BUT, for me, the word divine describes something more like... oh, I don't know. Maybe one perfect bite of melt in your mouth chocolate. It just doesn't seem to apply to any plan of my personal progression. There have been too many roller coaster rides, too many slippery slides, too much teeter totter and dodge ball to believe that divinity had much to do with it. I see it used in describing the Savior and His life... His progression in becoming like our Father. But, not in mine. word play, huh... Semantics is a silly thing to spend much time on.