Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love at any age

Love’s roots are established as a baby,
Comforted and cherished by your parents
Love is something magical as a young girl
Reading and believing in exciting fairy tales

Love as a teen is confusing and out of reach
How do I know if I’ll find my one and only
Love during the dating years can be a big game
But love turns serious when it’s time to marry

After the honeymoon is over, love is hard work
Ignoring faults, mending misunderstandings
Love is caring more for the other person
Than your self, learning to truly love

During the child bearing and rearing years
Couple quality time is impossible to find
But all too soon, the children are grown
And finding their own loves to marry

In retirement, love takes patience as you share
Every minute of every day, hour after hour,
Life’s ups and downs, knowing that he is there
Till death to support, sustain, and always protect you

Then there is a physical separation called “death”
A difficult time apart, whether short or long
To let love grow stronger and more precious
Then finally a joyous reunion, together forever


gremhog said...

Is this you? How lovely!

mom/caryn said...

That about covers it all. Your thoughts truly are tender and well expressed. I see such growth in your writing, Lin.

Although... I'm going to have to say this. As much as I adore Wayne and he is like breath to me... there have been moments that the thought of marriage being eternal is almost exhausting. I certainly hope that some of the emotional baggage that makes it so difficult to understand one another and fill each others needs is lost at the airport of our flight home.

Chandi, if you should happen to read this... I love your dad... he still gives me butterflies. If you don't know what I'm saying here just yet... the time will come when you probably will.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written cousin! Those of us who are fortunate enough to have such love in our later years must also "pay the price" by having to adjust to this always together thing.
And yet, love is surely worth the effort!