Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day Thoughts

How often do we get an extra day in our life? Only every four years, when it’s Leap Year! A wonderful extra day today to do all those things we haven’t had time before to do.

Here's question #1 for today: Anyone got any New Year’s resolutions they didn’t get around to? Today‘s the day to resolve again. Another question, #2 anyone got any thing on their list of things they want to do before their demise (which could come at any time.) The answers to these two questions I’ve asked are for me: (1) study scriptures and exercise daily and (2) visit Seattle and Alaska this next summer which may involve a cruise or ferry ride.

Note the photo is of my husband Allen who has been asked to help with the Huntsman Senior Games in Oct 2008 in St. George. They took his photo shooting his recurve bow. He has had archery as his favorite hobby now for 45 years thus far. Which brings me to question #3 what’s been your longest hobby so far? (3) Mine has been family history for 48 years. See my family history webpage.


  1. #1 exercise...I did however manage to potty train my #1 son! Yay!
    #2 before I die...not sure yet, I guess I want to figure that out before I die.
    #3 longest hobby would have to be writing - since second grade, second longest hobby is cross-stitching and boy-watching! :)

    cool picture of your husband!

  2. exercise is #1
    sail around the world before I die!,
    and my longest hobby is photography and finding that perfect sunset!
    I love to try that bow when we come to visit, would Allan let me???

  3. And what did I do with that extra day? I went to dinner at Olive Garden with the "Stott" women where I dipped breadsticks into a bowl of hot minestrone soup, and followed that up with a dessert of home made crepes with ice cream and strawberries at my angel sister-in-law's home. Ten of us giggled and shared stories and stayed up too late eating cadbury eggs. My daughter was witty and charming and I was such a proud mama. It was a terrific way to spend an extra 24 hours.

    #1 ha ha ha ha ha... every New Years resolution I made.

    #2 * I want to rent a hot convertable and drive up Pacific Coast Highway and El Camino Real.
    * I want to live in Virginia, Rhode Island, or Maine for four to six months.
    * I want to leave something of value to my children for them to remember be by when I'm gone. I want to teach them to live a LARGE life... to enjoy laughter, to seek,recognize and embrace truth, and to experience every day as they live it.
    * Spend a summer at the seashore... someplace with clean white sand, some seagrass, and people walking their dogs on the beach in the early morning hours... I want to gather sea glass and sand dollars.
    * I want to eat a BIG puff of cotton candy again.
    * Actually, I made a "bucket list" some time ago. Last time I pulled it out I was surprised at how many of them I'd done.

    #3 I don't think I have any hobbies do I? Just lots of little temporary diversions and experiments. Hmmm... maybe I ought to work on that.

    Thanks for asking and presenting me with an opportunity to think about this stuff. Good post.