Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It snowed!!

It snowed in St. George. What an amazing sight to see a palm tree with snow on it and tile roof tops dusted with snow. We need the moisture so we were happy with the rain that turned to snow while we were sleeping.


Dawn Mercedes said...


You can that snow?!?!

I know, I know...you are in the desert.

Right now it is pouring down rain, then the sleet/ice is supposed to come. We only have one more snow day before we will have to make up days in the spring!

Enoy the cold while you can! hehe.

mom/caryn said...

Snow???? ha ha ha ha ha... Looks like you tripped and spilled a bag of flour.
aawwwwww I shouldn't tease you. It is rare indeed to see snow dusted on a palm tree, and really quite fun! They're great photos, by the way. Thanks for sharing. I can rememeber growing up in sunny, Southern California and being SO excited when we got a half inch on the lawn. It was a real treat.