Friday, February 15, 2008

Guardian Angels

My mom Evelyn+her great grand daughters (l-r) Heather+Emilee
In a recent Deseret News article, it reports Pres. Thomas S. Monson-new prophet of LDS Church, spoke at the funeral of Sis. Faust (wife of Pres. James Faust of First Presidency) and said to the Faust family: ”President and Sister Faust won’t be very far away. You can feel their presence, and they will come when you need it the most…Your grandparents will be looking after you.” Comforting words to the grieving family as both Pres and Sis. Faust died in the last year.

It brings to my mind the question, where do our loved ones’ spirits go after they die? A friend of mine whose daughter died recently, said her daughter confirmed to her that the veil separating us is very thin. I think many of us have had experiences that confirm this. Who better to be a guardian angel than a beloved grandparent or parent. It’s comforting to know that family ties continue on both sides of the veil called "death". We remember and honor their lives, they watch over and protect us. Families are truly forever.


  1. I love the thought of guardian angels. I especially love the thought of them being someone who loved us in this life. Even if they might see us do something that they wouldn't be particularly proud of... and we aren't proud of either... they'd love us, and through and because of that love, help us to move beyond it. It's such a warm fuzzy belief!

    Reflecting on this for a minute while writing a response to your post has made me want to sit still and try to feel my "heavenly people" near me. I need to remember the lessons they taught me so that I may more fully follow the examples they set for me. Soaking up their spirits would give me more warmth than soaking in a hot spring. I need to learn to "be still" more often.

    Thanks for sharing this insight!

  2. absolutely. I know you've read about the little man who was always near when I was young and fevered. It's comforting now to know who he was...or at least I think that's who. Actually, I believe that's who. I want my father to have been the one who was always near me. It was a promise I was given in my PB...of a specific guardian angel and you don't hear that often in that venue.