Monday, February 11, 2008


Photo-4 generations-son Hakan, Dad Frank, Great Gm Evelyn, Gm Lin

Generations stretch in both directions
Grandparents, aunts and uncles,
Children, grandchildren, and cousins
Linked through blood ties and dna chromosomes
We are family despite our uniqueness
We share a commonality-ties that bind
Together over time and space

Although I do not personally know
My second great grandmother
I’m sure she loves and cares for me
One day we’ll meet and I’ll ask her
About her life and challenges
I know she’ll want to hear
About my life, and my children’s lives
As they are also part of her posterity

Just as I, one day, will be a second
Great grandmother to children
Yet to be born on earth, I will love them
And be interested in their lives

And what of you my friend
You are family also, for we are all cousins
Of one kind of another
Related through common ancestors
When we go back far enough,
The family of Adam and Eve
Our great great great…grandparents


  1. Amazing to see your mom a few posts back and suddenly she's the great grandma. How fast she aged in a few short posts. I don't think I knew FV and I shared birthdates. Cool! It's a great day.

  2. I wonder if my interest in my great, great, grandparents is as deeply rooted as yours. I wonder about them, I think about them... I enjoy reading stories about them. BUT... and this is more telling than I really want to admit... I haven't cared enough to dig for stories and do the research necessary to understand them more and make a connection with them. I make no excuses. I just simply haven't done it. And I honestly don't see myself doing a lot of it in the future. It's like quilting. Something I want to want to do. I need more discipline in my life. Although, my cousin tells me that it doesn't take discipline to do geneology. She says all it takes is a couple of times working on it and it's better than reading a good John Grishom novel. (her words, not mine) She says it's like solving a mystery.. that it's addictive. I think I believe that. So maybe.. I do want to leave words for my posterity. And I know that I'll always want to know what's going on in the lives of those who come after me. I really want to know what emotions lived in the hearts of the men and women in my family who preceeded me in mortality. I just want somebody else to do the hard work and share what they learn with me. How selfish is that???