Saturday, February 23, 2008


Las Vegas, nicknamed by some as “Sin City”
Contains dark smoky bars where gamblers
Spend hours of their life and hard earned money
Seeking Lady Luck, hitting the jackpot their goal
While homeless people languish on street corners
Numbed by illegal drugs and alcohol addiction
Living desperate lives, powerless to change
Lost with no escape from their stark reality

Another aspect of the city sits on a hill nearby
A beautiful temple with sparkling white spires
A copper roof, beautiful stained glass windows
Inside workers and patrons in pure white clothing
Perform ordinances to save themselves and mankind
To link the generations of man past and future
Peace and serenity reign as eternal truths are taught
An oasis in the middle of the chaos called Las Vegas


sot77 said...

hello!! i got a new google search machine can you try it and please tell me if works for you . thanks for your time!

mom/caryn said...

I've often wondered about the name, Las Vegas. How was it named? Vega is a dramatist or poet.. it is also a very bright star. It's hard to associate the city of Las Vegas with either poetry or starlight. It's seems so full of excess and sadness... It's a place that is so cluttered, so full of lights, noise, and such and over abundance of retail goods that they could fill the homes and closets of all of Asia and Europe. How is it that with all of that, it feels so empty?

It's not like a crowded beach full of laughing families sharing sandy cookies and sweethearts stealing kisses under an umbrella... those are people that are actively engaged in living.

The streets of "Sin CIty" seem littered with people. So many of the dull or bleary eyed bodies moving along the streets of the downtown, casino district seem to have been recklessly kicked aside and tossed away, like an empty pop can or sandwich wrapper. There's no content left in them... whatever was once inside of them has been used up, devoured... there's nothing left to nourish or sustain them. I find it so sad. So many of God's children, our brothers and sisters, lost and alone in a sea of forgotten siblings.

The temple that man built for God stands serene and beautiful... full of hope and promise... That's such a lovely thing to cling too... but...

We need to remember and to care:
Not so far away, the temples that God build for man decay and rot, devoid of the majesty that once dwelt within them. There is more of eternity to be glimpsed in the heart of one truly good man than all of the granite and marble edifices built to glorify our Lord. It is the human spirit that brings real glory to the Savior and purpose to His atonement.

I have no skills in architecture, in carpentry or masonry.

But, I can try to help rebuild the character of one lost brother. I can salve the sorrowing heart of just one sister and gently lead them back into the light of the Savior's love...

I can do that.

That is the lesson I learn from Las Vegas.