Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Standing alone on the bridge
Tentatively reaching out
Feeling your timid response
I freeze, but I am already
Out there on the edge
Ready to dive…then connect
With something...someone...somewhere

The drive to be known
Valued, loved overcomes the fear
Of the unknown and conquers
Safety and stagnation


  1. What can I say? It expresses so much of what I'm feeling lately... well, feeling right now, this very moment. I ... well, maybe more in an e-mail. I love you, Lin Floyd! I'm thankful for the sweet blessing of you in my life!

  2. I think I found the password, so I can send you a comment.
    I love the way you express yourself! I have enjoyed reading about how you and Allen met, and now this "connecting". I am glad you take time to communicate your feelings, they are uplifting!
    Glad and thankful to be your friend,
    Gittan in Sweden