Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Class at Community Center

This is a photo of our retirement community, nice isn't it. I love it here.

I taught a class on "Creative Writing and Blogging" for our community computer club today. It was lots of fun although scary because I'm a newcomer at blogging but the class members were all beginners. Should have called the class "Blogging for Dummies" but I don't like the term "dummies" maybe learners or beginners is better. We all learned today, one teacher and my nine enthusiastic students. Check out one of my students and another dear friend Mary's blog Meemerisms-it's brand new and very creative as is my friend Mary who helps me teach our Wordshop class of writers.

What's the last class you taught or took?


  1. Lin,
    Your class was exciting. I am telling Dad about it. We wondered how we could develop a family letter for our family. Any suggestions on how that could work.
    Dad and I could begin it and maybe grow it out to other family members as we catch on to the logistics of this thing.

  2. Hi, you need to contact me via email or phone and we'll talk about it. There is a way to make your blog accessible to several email addresses so any of them can contribute blogs and in comments they can interact. Also there's another place that they can be notified when others add to the blog. It's amazing. Look at the help screens. Call me-we're in the SR directory or email me-you have my address.

  3. I hope our class went well!

    If you go to, there are challenge each day. Card making challenges. It will give you a direction and help (sometimes) make your cards develop faster.

  4. The last class I took was a C.E. class for my real estate license. The next class I'm signed up for (tomorrow) is a C.E. class for my license. How boring is my life??
    This job is stunting my growth.

    I do have a good friend who is going to be teaching some classes on "personology" I may take those just for the heck of it. I'd also like to sign up for a sculpturing class, a writing class, a photography class.... but, getting around to it seems to be the problem. I'm gone so much of the time and my schedule is so eratic that the last time I signed up for a series class, I ended up missing two thirds of the sessions. Two day seminars seem to work best for me. That's one reason I'm so tickled with and impressed by how you live your life. You just keep learning and widening your areas of interest. You're not only stretching, but you take others along with you on your journey of discovery. Kudos kid!!!

  5. i taught teenagers how to knit. It was great fun. Then a couple of weeks ago I took a class on pin-tension knitting, or portuguese knitting.