Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Drive

Goats also, used for milking?
Steers everywhere being fattened up.
Just a lazy afternoon, eat-sleep and try to keep warm. 
No need for watering pastures now
New farm house in Hurricane, Utah in winter.
Lots of calves growing up alone without their moms.
So many warm colors plus blues and purples.
Sand Hollow Reservoir with Pine Valley Mountains.
No boat on this reservoir that holds our drinking water
Lone fisherman on a cold wintry day at Quail Lake

I love the multi-hewed red-pink rocks of southern Utah!


  1. What an incredible landscape. I love your photos and appreciate the way the take me to a part of my world I just don't know otherwise!

  2. Umm... er... those "cows" being fattened up are steers. ;-)