Wednesday, December 19, 2012


What is it that makes a FRIEND? Someone who is interested genuinely in you and willing to listen, share and is honest. I've had several close friends throughout the years. Some I haven't heard from for years as distance separates us. It does take EFFORT and TIME to build a friendship that is reciprocal. Some individuals don't make good friends as they are TAKERS that can drain your energies and not givers that listen and give ENCOURAGEMENT. A good friend is a real TREASURE! To be a friend to others takes effort, love and sometimes PATIENCE. So fun to have Caryn around to do things together this winter...


  1. A true friend is a precious jewel indeed. You and Caryn are so Blessed to have each other. Tell Caryn 'hi' for me.

    Happy holidays to you both!

  2. It is clear that your life is richer when you have your friend Caryn near you. Lucky you to have such a great friendship.