Monday, December 2, 2019

Happy Birthday 102 years mom

She's been gone 12 years now. Taken from us by a brain tumor when she was 89. Time passes quickly and she is missed by her family still here working through life's challenges. I wonder how she spends her time over there. I can see her watching over her grandchildren lovingly because that's what I picture grandmothers who have left us wanting to do. And they would make the best guardian angels ever...someday we'll meet again and catch up on each other's lives and our family's lives.

Evelyn grew up in a now ghost town of Silver City Utah, married my dad
then 3 years later I was born, and 8 years later my dad died in an airplane
accident leaving mom to find work to support our family.
So excited when the twins came into our lives making us both grandmas

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  1. Your mom was such a beautiful lady. What a hard life she had.