Monday, September 9, 2019

In a RUT...

What is a RUT? A deep groove or track in the road. So how does this relate to me? Well, it's easy to fall into ruts and follow the same pattern or get stuck and not go anywhere.

Summer has a way of doing that to me. Maybe it's because I spend so much time indoors trying to escape the heat with our wonderful AC. BUT all the big plans I had to accomplish some weeding of my vast family history research notes didn't take place.

I have so much paper stuff in my file cabinet collected from over 60+ years of collecting and need to go through and sort out what to keep and what to toss. Although I know I can't take any of it with me, I know there's probably some important stuff to reread especially in my journals. See if I've made some personal growth and am not just stuck in a RUT!

How about you? Seems like life is a pattern that we keep repeating. Although I'm sure one or two principles/lessons are learned along the way. A big one for me is PATIENCE!

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