Monday, June 26, 2017

Family Weekend Celebration

We drove up Sat morning to Utah Valley to celebrate Emilee's mission call for our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She leaves July 5 for Paris France mission and will be gone 18 months. Taking French since Jr. High, now she'll get the chance to use all that learning while teaching others in France about the restored church. More photos on facebook.

The Hatches: l-r Tina, Emilee, Daniel, Nathan, back" James & Heather
The twins have now complted a year of college, so proud of them both.
Grandkids galore: Lorien in front, bro. Eddie + Heather in back
Nicosia family on Tina's side gathers to celebrate and visit.
All the friends, grandkids and cousins sat together.
Open house on Sat pm with food, swimming, etc.
American and French flags are displayed everywhere


  1. Bon voyage to Emilee!

    She will have quite an experience.


  2. It's amazing how much your grandkids have grown. Time flies so quickly.