Saturday, September 17, 2016

Glass Flowers Sequel or Ending?

For those of you who read my blog will remember my excitement over making glass flowers to decorate my desert garden. Well, I had fun gathering the colored glass plates, bowls, candle holders, etc. Then deciding how to group them. Then gluing them, then having problems with the glue that didn't work. Decided to try putting them into the ground today. They seemed dry, but those babies are heavy and once in place the trial flower slipped off its stem and fell in the bushes, but didn't break.

Hubby had to bend the rebar for the stem then we threaded garden hose over it-clever!
It looked great for about 10 minutes, then disappeared, fell off.
 I can go get the right kind of adhesive and try again but think I'm tired of this project and hubby definitely is. He said today, I thought your idea of making pottery was better. Well, I made my last pot in Roosevelt and they were heavy. Never quite figured out the knack of how to throw a pot. But think I could probably easily throw my glass flowers away or maybe wait awhile and try again. But the problem is the adhesive I used never dried and I ca't just pull them apart and reglue them because it will make a big mess and then I know hubby would be ready to throw me away with the glass! But it was fun and a new experience.


gremhog said...

that is so it

Linda Reeder said...

Your flower was lovely. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

wispy willow said...

Awwwww... I hate to think of tossing that, along with the desire and oomph to make more of them. This one is pretty! Maybe when I come down, we can work on some together. It's always more fun when you work on a project like this with someone else. Pass or fail, we could at the very least, have some laughs.