Friday, April 15, 2016


Caryn and I love touring open houses to see new home decor ideas
This is just a casita or guest room that is part of this house.
The same room with a nice bed, tv and everything for guests.
And of course, their own bathroom.

Now into the main part of the house, the hallway.

This cool hanging is just wooden sticks on gunny sack material.
I love this color scheme and especially the metal sculpture 
The browns in this bathroom are tastefully done.
Another bedroom, like the windows over the bed but not the bedspread
More decoration ideas for empty shelves.
Ah the master bathroom all done in black and white-very classy.
Living room wood sculptures are so cool.
Missed getting a photo of kitchen and dining room.

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  1. Lovely homes and decor. I wouldn't mind staying in that guest room!