Thursday, April 21, 2016

Goodbye old frig, welcome new frig!

Our old frig about 15 years old has been making strange sounds, so we decided it was time to replace it. This year it's been one thing after another-water heater, cooler in the casita, etc. It's called home ownership.

Unloading the old frig was labor intensive, finding iceboxes, etc.
Then it was time to clean out all the shelves, it will b recycled.
Of course the small table and chairs had to be moved out first.
Here comes the new frig=will it fit through the door?
It looks like the old frig but is quieter.
Isn't it pretty and so shiny clean!
This frig has more shelves and it's almost empty!
I like the freezer on the left.


  1. I got a new fridge last year, with the freezer in the bottom. The last one had the freezer in the bottom, too, but there were sleeves in it. Open the freezer door and watch the frozen foods tumble out! The new fridge has a bin in the freezer. Much better. No more retrieving frozen vegetables off the floor.

  2. It's not fun to have to replace all those expensive appliances, but it is fun to have new ones!

  3. Oh Lin, How lovely to get a new frig. We just got one too not that long ago and love ours. I'm sure you will enjoy your new purchase.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Lin!

  4. i love a new frig. i wish I could have one more often but the prices wouldn't make me happy either We got a new one within the past year and I love it. When Dawn and family came for a week last month, it was her youngest who figured out the auto fill...these youngsters today! Congrats on yours.