Saturday, April 16, 2016

Daughters of Utah Pioneers Convention

I've been a member of DUP for 20 years now, every since I retired from teaching after my marriage 22 years ago. To be a member you have to be a descendent of a Utah pioneer who crossed the plains before the cross transcontinental railroad was finished in May 1869. Most of my ancestors came to Utah before then. The majority were Mormon converts with a few gold seekers thrown in here and there. Our convention was an opportunity for some of the many camps or groups in St George to get together and celebrate our great heritage.

Our speaker from SLC was Katherine Brimhall who told us funny
pioneer stories-one about a rooster who ate all the seeds that a pioneer
mother had just planted in her garden. Well that rooster meet his end
quickly and the seeds in his gullet were retrieved, washed and replanted.
Hell in an LDS culturally hall, tables were decorated for a buffet. 
L-R-Natalie-a former Captain, Karen-current capt. and Sherilyn-new capt.
We had 18 from our Atkinville camp that attended. 
Yummy taco salad were enjoyed by all.
Juliann and Kathleen who came in pioneer costumes enjoyed visiting.
Lovely table decorations were everywhere. 
More members enjoyed visiting and the convention.
We are the Atkinville camp-the original name of Sunriver.
Each of us is a PIONEER in our own LIFE!

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