Friday, March 11, 2016

Week of parties

This week has been non stop parties with our Relief Society birthday party then a Chili Cookoff Branch party. Fun food, entertainment and socializing.We combined two branches for about 100+ sisters to celebrate. We sat at tables according to our birthday months-thus mixing us up and giving us a theme to decorate with for our tables. We had Hawaiian Haystacks for our main course! It was yummy!

Tables were decorated by months-this is July!
September here with apples and pomegranates, 
October fall colors made up this table setting.
Thanksgiving them fit perfectly for November. 
June and spring colors are the them for this colorful table.
This table was May flowers with soft pastels...for spring!
Christmas colors can't be missed for December
Kathleen led our music as we sang Sisters in Zion
Juliann told us the story of how our song was written.
We enjoyed singing along together.
Many new friends were made as we mingled.
Our special guest told us of the history of Relief Society
A beautiful antique quilt was displayed and explained
Notice the beautiful real pink roses for May and Mother's Day
Food was rice, chicken gravy and condiments-very delicious
Lots of work but lots of fun and visiting went on.
Lots of yummy desserts ended the meeting.
We tried to wear name tags to make it easier to get to know each other


Linda Reeder said...

I like the idea of birthday month tables. Looks like a fun party.

Kay said...

Those table settings are awesome and such fun!

Jean said...

Seating guests according to their birth month is clever. I'm going to share this idea at this evening's Alpha Delta Kappa meeting.