Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring and Easter are here...

Caryn and I love to visit antique and thrift stores to see their spring displays and maybe buy something to decorate our homes with...

Spring in Santa Clara near St. George is GREEN!
Every corner of this fun store Uncle and Aunties has fun things.
Bunnies everywhere...and Easter eggs!
Love all the kitchen and home decorations.
There's even a kid section.
Me taking a photo of Caryn taking a photo of all the STUFF!
You could spend a mint here or just get ideas for home decorating.
Here's my redone kitchen shelves with my collection of stuff from here and there.
My favorite farm shelf with a tractor for hubby--though he'd like a real one!


  1. Nice touches, Lin. that looks like a wonderful shop!

  2. Man! That stuff all looks GREAT in your kitchen. Good job picking it out and putting it all together, Lin!