Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Searching for JOY

I have all these inspirational signs around my home. It all started with my friend Caryn's sign in her home in 2007 or 8 in New Harmony. She had wooden letters that spelled SERENITY. and another sign was SIMPLICITY. Well, I decided to join her and got some wooden letters that said HARMONY as that was a theme I hoped to have in my life at that time. Still searching for that...Later I added GENEALOGY, FAITH, HOPE and JOY is my latest focus.

Note the fun frog sculpture I found in the same store
JoAnns as the metallic letters J-O-Y!
So what is JOY to you? To me it's more than happiness, it's longer lasting and involves a lot of gratitude and faith in a supreme being who loves and guides us all through life's challenges.


  1. When I think of the word 'joy' I do think of the Easter season.

  2. I'm not sure that I experience real joy very often. When i do, I think it is in something simple.

  3. I have HOPE & LOVE in my kitchen, they are lovely to have and they keep us focus on the beauty that God gives us.