Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New poem techniques

From our workshops a couple of weekends ago, I'm trying a new technique using alliteration of three words followed by a fourth different word. Trying to create diversity in my poetic structure. This poem was inspired by a robin nesting by our bedroom window. My photo is below.

Spring Nest

red robin rests while nesting
notices noises nearby, she freezes
flies frantically far away
waits while warmth returns

time ticks tirelessly daily
intuitive instincts initiate patience
soon survival skills pay off
nature nurtures new growth


  1. You're on to something here, Lin. You did a nice job using the new technique. I like the poem and, the photo is beautiful.

  2. That is an interesting poetic exercise. You did very well with it. I can see that being used much more sparingly in other formats.

  3. that is amazing What a great technique. Thanks Lin

  4. That is a new technique and I think it came out really well